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Established in the year 2000 with a motto of becoming a leader as manufacturer and exporter of Dog chews. Global Eminence is based in Kanpur, Northern India’s industrial capital 450 km from New Delhi. Our product range of Dog chews is not only healthy for our loving pets but also are so tempting that’s its impossible to resist. Team of R&D alongside with skilled workers made us a great success in a very short span of time.

Further in the year 2002 we extended our production capability to satisfy our customer needs and started our second production unit for finished leather goods. Currently we employ around 75 full time skilled workers for both production units (Dog Chews & Finished Leather Products) and enjoy a turnover of over USD 5 Million with a consistent track record of profitability, growth & expansion. This is possible because of our Dynamic, experience and dedicated team of Global Eminence that is proud to be a suppliers to a host of retail chain stores and importers spread over the United States, Canada, Europe, UK & Australasian market.

Our Strength:

1. Better working environment for our workers which includes higher pay hygiene workplace, understanding their needs.
2. Strict following of Health & Safety rules and regulations.
Our product ranges of dog chews are free from Arsenic, which is used as preservatives by many manufacturers. Also free from antibiotics, lead and insecticides.
4. Healthy to dog teeth’s as they fight against plaque and tarter.
5. Continuous product development and Innovation.
6. Strict and stringent quality control.
7. Competitive pricing and On- time schedule.

Our product range For Dog Chews are as follow:

"Pressed Bone, Pressed Rolls, Knotted Bone (Plain & Flavored), Stuffed Meat Bones, Munchy Rolls, Twisted sticks, Buff Ears, Chips rounded, Pizzles, Hollow Pipe etc."

Our Product range for Finished Leather Products are as follow:

All type of Fashionable leather belts and bags for men & women.

Saddles in English and Western style, Halters, Reins, Bridles, Bro Bands, Head stall, Breast plates, Girth, Martingales, etc in harness leather.

Home furnishing items like waste bins, picture frames, desktop accessories,leather hair-on carpets etc.

The above product range is just a small taste but we have heaps of different types and kinds. We can also make any specific chews or leather products as per requirement with the help of our highly skillful employees working together as a team.